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Photos of Topkapi Palace

Gate of Topkapi Palace. There is also an outer gate.

Fountain of Ahmet The Third. It is in front of the outer gate.

Tower of Justice. Divan is the ground floor of this tower

An armored Yeniçeri. Yeniçeri is a kind of infantry.

Yatagans. They are used by Levent's, who are naval soldiers.

The dagger with four emeralds.
(Photo is not taken by me)

View of Bosphorus from the palace.

View of palace - especially the harem - from Haliç. (Mytological Golden Horn)

Bows of Sultan Bayezid The Second.

A room of the harem.

Another picture of the harem.

The archeology museum . It is between Topkapi palace and Gülhane.

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